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legs & dimmer switch by ms. nožiková (2010)


oh? you’d like to know more?

hmmm… i bet you’re a nobody.
well, I’m a nobody too.*

in fact, a lifetime of experience has made me fairly certain that people who project the idea that they’re not a nobody are only lying. plus, even the real somebodies only see (and on the good days, experience) what is in right front of their eyes (*think about that*) and are nobodies in the end. so take heart nobodies, our existence is not so different from Beethoven’s – not really – mostly breathing.

but where have I come from? you ask?

Suffice it to say, I’m a slightly mad girl from the States who lives in London. I am one-half Czech, one-half Pilgrim and an amateur writer, artist, thinker & filmmaker (of the documentary variety).

This is the ‘New Wave’ of ferris wheel bohemia. (The ‘Old Wave’ is here if you’re keen).

ferris wheel bohemia (II) was founded because:

1) I was sick of boring *myself* with my contribution to bloggy blah blah blahg noise (oh SHUT UP already).

2) 3) & 4) I grew tired of not finding what I was looking for in this virtual world…. I yearned for something a little poetic, something different & bolder in its style, something with a lot of existential substance…. in a way, a new virtual art movement.

Not that I make any crazy-promises that I will deliver the above order…. but, you know, the ambition, if not the execution, is there.

I welcome questions and feedback – please leave a comment or email me [carpe_diem50 at hotmail dot com]. My banner was styled and photographed by my wonderfully talented sister Kasey. If you care to use her image or any others here, please do kindly credit them.

I hope my bubble induces you to… stop. think. be. who you are.


ms. nožiková

*emily dickinson


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