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February 20, 2010

2010 is still fresh.  there’s still a chill in the air and writing “1” before the “0” feels forced – unfamiliar.  we’re still getting used to who we are here.  there’s still time for us to say, “this is how the rest will be.”

isn’t there?

for promises.  living them.

there’s a marked difference in the wind of this decade.  as if it’s changed direction – or perhaps increased its force. but the rush is different.  no, there is a rush.  it’s as if we’re on the cusp of something.  don’t you think?

what is it that’s coming to us?  no doubt it will have something to do with the fortunes we’ve written for ourselves… those promises we’ve made and buried and will inevitably rediscover in the sometime future – either broken or changed to gold.

maybe we don’t make our fortunes in their entirety.  not always.  but we certainly mold them.  form them. in some cases, kick them into existence.  we go with the tide or against it.  we make our micro-fortunes with how we hop from one moment to the next, whether it be with grace or rhythm or a smile.   right now, i am making mine.

yes, greetings 2010.

for me, this is how the rest will be:

10 little promises

(feel free to borrow any that apply)

  • when the yanking thread inside tugs & says, “this way!  this way!” go with it, even when you know better – especially then.
  • ask, “will it matter in 5 years?” whenever a trifling incident triggers an anxiety attack or when you have to make a decision about resources/time.
  • pray every day.  address the prayer: “to my source.”  close it: “in the name of everything.” amen (def. ‘it is so’) – the utterance of which thus signaling, you have done everything you can do for that day.  it is over.  let it be.  get some rest!
  • love who you love.  no, really, Love them
  • write. write. write.  write what’s screaming to be written about.  write till you come to the end & it’s finished.
  • make more money – ideally by pulling up the dregs of your soul and putting them to good use, not so much by auctioning off the soul itself.
  • buy some musk to wear.  it has some enchanting change-agent charm that florals lack.
  • go to one (at least) museum, theatre, class or unique event each week. you live within 10 minutes of two museums – thus, failure to do so is inexcusable.
  • venture to areas of the city you’ve never been to before.
  • do something with your writing.  a blog counts as one something.  said blog must remain authentic and non-self-congratulatory with a strong artistic existential streak – otherwise, it gets axed.
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